Saturday, 9 October 2010

Module 11

Hello, everybody:

We are going to practise the following topics in this post:

  • Obligation and permission
Activity one:  "can, could, to be able to" Click HERE
Activity two: talking about what is necessary / not necessary. Click HERE
Activity three: " might     must     should" Click HERE
Miscellaneous. Rearrange the lines. Click HERE 

  • Linking words:
1-This quiz will help you practice using contrasting conjunctions, HOWEVER, ALTHOUGH, WHEREAS, ALSO, DESPITE, IN SPITE OF. Click HERE

  •  Wordspot: 
  1.  Improve your vocabulary by studying the most common uses of the verb "do" .Click HERE
  2.  Learn how words associate with the verb "do". Click HERE
  3.  Online game to revise the use of the verbs "make" and "do"
    Let's play a game to check what you remember about  the common uses of do and make. Read the instructions carefully. Click HERE to start.

    • In a previous post (Module9) , I asked you to write predictions in an online tool called "Wallwisher". Here is the result:

    9th Oct, 2010 would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday.