Saturday, 18 September 2010

The future

Let's practise the use of t Simple future and future "going to"

Online Practice

Reading for pleasure:  
21 Things that will become obsolete in Education 
Do you agree with these predictions? Write your opinion in comments . Due date: September 29th

    Thursday, 16 September 2010

    Interesting Free Online Course

    Hello, everybody:

    While I was multitasking on the net and came across this interesting website which offers a free online course consisting of a comprehensive revision of English grammar.

    It is designed for those already fluent in English, but who want to improve their writing. It covers punctuation and grammar, from commas and colons to adverbs and prepositions.

    It says that by completing this course, you will see a marked improvement in your written English!!

    Each section breaks down the rules into easily assimilated explanations. There is a section on spelling. This course is ideal for anyone looking to improve their written and indeed spoken English.

    It also contains audio, so ensure that you have speakers or headphones ready. A text transcript is also available. Isn´t is promising? 

    Are you interested? Here is the link

    Best, Nelba 

    Sunday, 5 September 2010

    An Amazing Story Module 10

    Hello everybody,

    Here we are in a new module.
    You have studied Past Perfect.Let's revise a bit of grammar. Read the material by clicking on:
    Now let's do some interactive exercises:
    1. Exercise 
    2. Execise
    3. Exercise
    4. Exercise 
    5. Past Simple or Past Perfect? Exercise
    6. Put the verbs of this paragraph in the correct tense. Exercise 
    You have also analized the differences between the reporting verbs:
    "say" and "tell". Let's study these explanations: Click HERE
    And now do this exercise to test your knowledge. 

    This module presented elements to tell a story. To make a story more vivid, you use adverbs of manner to describe the action in detail. Let's see this power point presentation to revise this grammar point and do some activities. Important: Do the activities on a sheet of paper, then check your answers with the KEY at the end of the slideshow.