Module 5 Total English 

Dear all:


As far as I can see, your weakest point is spelling. 


It is a fact that we are not used to writing even in our mother tongue (Spanish). Besides we are badly influenced by text and chat language. 


I have heard students complaining that English spelling is difficult - it is true. They perceive it as not representing the pronunciation of words; there are silent letters, and so many different ways to spell one sound (and ways to sound one spelling). But, let us consider why spelling well is necessary:


  • Writing is an important method of communication. It is helpful if the reader can easily decipher what the writer means. If the reader cannot understand what we write, what is the aim of writing ???


  • You may been judged by your spelling – if it shows care then you are assumed to be conscientious in other areas of life. This is particularly important in academic life.


How can you improve our spelling? Hints

Check your writing. Before submitting your comment in the blog, check your spelling  - how? write a draft copy in a Word document, check spelling with the Word spelling checker and then copy and paste your comment to the blog. In this way you will be able to see your spelling mistakes, correct them and improve your writing. 

Hand-write new words and practise longer pieces of writing because The more often you write, the more you will develop a ‘muscle memory’ of sequences or strings of letters that are often found together.  By hand-writing words you will be more likely to fix patterns in your mind ;)


Extensive reading will not only develop your imagination but also help you to memorize words, and it can suggest to you when there might be a mistake when you write.


Below these lines, I have included spelling mistakes you are not supposed to make.


1) he isn;t confident with the internet, she prefer the letters to contact her. 

      He isn´t .... Interent... prefers

    2) we We can only get in contac with Maeve only for through letters

       We can only get in contac with Maeve only through letters


    3) she gives you the adress in Dubliun

         She ...............................address

    4) Wich two parts? wich sentences?


    5)  one, montain;

         ......... mountain

    Here are some online exercises to improve your spelling:

    Activity One : A Word Inside a Word 1

    Activity Two : 'ly' adverbs spelling activity  


    See you soon, Nelba 
    Twitter @nelbaquintana



    Hello, everybody:

    Let me tell you that your level of English is very good. Congrats!!!!

    How do I make corrections? I type the mistake in capital letters to point it out and write the correct version after a forward slash:

    Spelling mistakes:
    I read ABUOT/about the news.
    my first e-mail ADRESS/address
    for CHATING/chatting

    Other mistakes:
    “We use internetevery day for chatting  , SEND/sending and CHECK/checking e mails and SEARCH/searching forinformation or job” An -ING verb goes after a preposition, that is Ok. But then, you must keep the -ING verb form.

    I search information ( search for )

    I use one email account TO/for each purpose

    Prepositions are sometimes a nightmare because we are almost never sure about them. Below these lines, you will find links to websites with some rules and interactive exercises that may help you.
    Preopositions of place, time and direction (examples and interactive activities)