Monday, 28 March 2011


Get a Voki now!

The aim of this virtual space is to practise and enjoy the English language in a relaxed atmosphere

Remember to use online dictionaries whenever you write . You will find a suggested online dictionary in the LINK section on the right, but you are free to use the most suitable for you.

FIRST ACTIVITY : To break the ice and start getting familiar with this tool, please, write in "comments" ( See below this) what experience you have using Internet: Do you use Internet? How often? What for? ( checking mail, chatting, read the newspaper, etc.)

Deadline: April 15th

Please, sign your comments with your name and the course you belong to.
For example: Juan Sánchez  Adults 5 C

The feedback to your comments will be in the blog, so visit the blog again for this purpose. I would like to remind you that the work in this blog will be different from the blog in Adults 4. 

If you have any problem with this blog, please let me know at the following address:  

and write "Blog adults 5" in the subject of the mail. 

I am looking forward to your comments!!!