Monday, 5 April 2010

Feedback to comments in Welcome Post

Hello, Adults 5 students. 

I hope you have had a Happy Easter. This post will give you some feedback on your comments.

First of all I would like to tell you that I am very pleased with your participation. Most of you have written very good comments. 
  • The most common mistakes I have found are spelling ones :=(   Examples:
Maria has a facebook adress
Juan is a cyber pirata
I use all the sistems in English
I chat whith friends 
I weast the time

I am almost sure you know how to write these words properly (address, pirate, curious, systems, with, waste) , but when you are carried by inspiration you may forget the right spelling. 

In order to avoid this problem, here is a TIP I would like you to put into practice: open  a Word document, customize your document in English  language.  

How? go to the tool bar, click on TOOLS-> Language->select language.->American English. Once you have finished writing, check spelling and grammar by clicking on F7 and make the necessary corrections. Spelling mistakes appear in red and grammar mistakes appear in green.  

MIND YOU, the grammar checker is not perfect and some phrases may be underlined in green but they are OK. So, if you are not sure about the suggestion, ask your teacher!!

  • Another thing I would like to point out is the following. Do not use capital letter in all your writing because it means "shouting". Example:


  • Do not forget capital letters in :
I am ( some of you wrote "i" )
English not english
  • Write your comments in English, not in Spanish
Well, that is all for now.  

I am preparing a new post with activities. Meanwhile, you can read your classmates comments to the Welcome post in order to know each other better. Some of you are Facebook fans, for example. 

Please, vote in the poll that appears on the right of the window by clicking on one option.
See you soon, Nelba


  1. Basically I use internet everyday for many different things, such as reading newspapers (local and international ones), sports news (mostly tennis), album reviews and even chatting with a few foreign friends. Besides, I find it pretty useful for my studies, I usually download digital books, essays, etcetera.

    Talking about this blog, to be honest I'm not sure whether it will be helpful for us, yet! I would love it to be, of course! but we still need some time to find out about it!


    Pablo Rimancus

  2. Hello Nelba,
    I'm Verónica and my course is adults 5 D.
    I use internet to work every day. I couldn't work without internet because I organise all my work at University whith it.
    Besides, I need it for talking on line with my workmates and we organise our work.
    What's more I use internet a lot to search information about papers of research.
    For this reason, I don't live without internet, basically because I have all my bits and pieces of information about my work on the computer.
    Verónica Adults 5D

  3. Hello Nelba,
    I work on the computer for longer hours. That´s why I delayed to visit the blog. I´ve found some difficulty to comprehend the blog. Really it´s the way less frequent to me but also I think it will be a new training.
    Adults 5