Sunday, 5 September 2010

An Amazing Story Module 10

Hello everybody,

Here we are in a new module.
You have studied Past Perfect.Let's revise a bit of grammar. Read the material by clicking on:
Now let's do some interactive exercises:
  1. Exercise 
  2. Execise
  3. Exercise
  4. Exercise 
  5. Past Simple or Past Perfect? Exercise
  6. Put the verbs of this paragraph in the correct tense. Exercise 
You have also analized the differences between the reporting verbs:
"say" and "tell". Let's study these explanations: Click HERE
And now do this exercise to test your knowledge. 

This module presented elements to tell a story. To make a story more vivid, you use adverbs of manner to describe the action in detail. Let's see this power point presentation to revise this grammar point and do some activities. Important: Do the activities on a sheet of paper, then check your answers with the KEY at the end of the slideshow.


  1. Hi all!
    This morning I've been reading all the tutorials and, of course, doing the suggested excerises. I must say I haven't had major mistakes, so I assume that I've understood this unit's topic pretty well. Thanks for subtmitting them.

    Apart from that I'd like to point out that I liked the posted presentation, it's clear and has relevant information, althought it´s a pity that we can't see the answers of the given activities.

    Hope you are doing well, cheers!

    Pablo Rimancus Adults 5 C

  2. Good afternoon!!!
    I did the excercises about the past perfect and reported speach. For me, the most difficult is the second.
    This type of activities are diferent to do that in the workbook and is always usefull this extra material.

    Franco Boschero
    Adults 5 B

  3. Hi, Nelba!
    I´ve done the exercises, they were easy. I think that "phrasemix" is very useful and interesting, I´ll try to use some phrases in my speech and writings.
    I´ll go on listening to "Lyricstraining", it´s very amusing, and I like good music.
    Ana María, Adults5A

  4. Hello Nelba, I'm happy because I could conected with the blog again. I couldn't do before, I'm sorry for that.
    I did all the exercises and had a few mistakes. And I think that this way is a good way for improve our English. I tell you thank you very much.
    Regina 5 A