Monday, 28 March 2011


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The aim of this virtual space is to practise and enjoy the English language in a relaxed atmosphere

Remember to use online dictionaries whenever you write . You will find a suggested online dictionary in the LINK section on the right, but you are free to use the most suitable for you.

FIRST ACTIVITY : To break the ice and start getting familiar with this tool, please, write in "comments" ( See below this) what experience you have using Internet: Do you use Internet? How often? What for? ( checking mail, chatting, read the newspaper, etc.)

Deadline: April 15th

Please, sign your comments with your name and the course you belong to.
For example: Juan Sánchez  Adults 5 C

The feedback to your comments will be in the blog, so visit the blog again for this purpose. I would like to remind you that the work in this blog will be different from the blog in Adults 4. 

If you have any problem with this blog, please let me know at the following address:  

and write "Blog adults 5" in the subject of the mail. 

I am looking forward to your comments!!!


  1. We like using the Internet for different things: for example to read news or check e- mails or listen to music. Also, we use the Web to participate in social networks like Twitter. Nora and Emiliano, Adults 5 A

  2. I often use the Internet. Both, for working and for having fun, in general I use one email account to each purpose. So I also use facebook and MSN to stay in contact with friends. I don't read newspapers on the net, but I usually listen to radio stations.

    Esteban FB Adults 5A

  3. Hi, we are Mariano and María Eugenia from Adults 5 A. We use the internet everyday for work (for example to find information), to check e-mails, to chat with friends and family, to read the newspaper and listen the radio.
    We also watch videos in Youtube Page.

    See you soon. Mariano and María Eugenia, Adults 5 A.

  4. Hi Nelba I`m Marisa from Adults 5 A,I use the internet for checking my e-mails, chatting on messenger with my friends and family, read information about my job,read news and sometimes to see videos and listen to music. I use the internet every day. I also usually use facebook to see my friend`s photos and chat with them.

  5. I use the internet everyday. Early in the morning I check my mail inbox and answer only a few mails which need a fast feedback. Then I surf the web for a little time, looking for information about my nephew, because he is playing football and I follow his performance.
    Sometimes I read the newspaper, but I still prefer to read the original newspaper, enjoying a breakfast.
    AI use a great tool called Skype. My friend Ricardo is living in North Caroline and frequently we speak by this tool. It is a good idea, because there aren´t many people using this tool and we can speak quietly.
    Enrique Adults5A

  6. We use the Internet every day. We use it to read the newspapers, chat and send e-mails. Sometimes, we surf in the Internet looking for information that we need for work. Also we download music and films from the "The Pirate Bay" page. We open a Facebook´s profile, and we upload photos.

    Fernanda Ceballos and Matías García. Adults 5A.

  7. I use internet a lot, most of the time for work. I search information and I communicate with other people sending e-mails. I have a very funny story about my first e-mail adress. If you want to know about it, you will have to wait: I haven´t written the first activity yet...

    Ely, Adults 5A

  8. Do you use Internet? How often? What for? ( checking mail, chatting, read the newspaper, etc.)
    I use the Internet every day, mainly for job. I always are checking and sending e-mails whith important information I have to work whith.
    I also use the web to looking for information about very different items.

    Silvina Denegri Adults 5A

  9. I use the Internet everyday to read the news, to search information, and to check the work emails at home. Also I use it to chat with friends and download interesting things.

    Victoria (Adults 5C)

  10. Hello, we are Andrea and Vanesa from Adults 5C. We use internet a lot to check e-mails, read the newspaper, looking for information, check our facebook and chat with friends.

  11. Hello
    We are Jose and Francisco (Adults 5C). We use internetevery day for chating, send and check e mails and search information or job.

  12. Hello Nelba: We are Romi, Joni and Vicky from Adults 5C. Generally we use internet to communicate with friends and to search information we need to study. Also we use it to do this BLOG, which we expect will be different from the last year. We like Voki :)

  13. We use Internet to find some information for our works, to read the newspapers, to use dictionaries, to communicate with our friends and play games.Sometimes we watch movies and listen to music.

    Susana and Rocío, Adults 5C

  14. I use internet everyday to check my mail,chat and search for information, also read the news and sometimes play games.I think that internet is useful tool and everybody have to use it at least a time.
    Anabella, Adults 5C

  15. Hello I'm Tomás Sergio Solari from Adults 5D.I'm not so confident with the internet I only use it for checking e-mails and chatting with friends.I would like to post my songs, you see I'm a musician and I would love to show my songs to everyone but I don't know how but I'm sure I will learn how to do it.
    Tomás Sergio Solari Adults 5D

  16. every day I check my mail, search some information for my job or read the news paper with internet. I think it is a necessary tool for everybody because nowadays the comunication is the principal way to know the things than happening at the world.
    Maria Florencia Butierrez. 5D

  17. I use internet everyday for checking e-mail, playing games, using facebook and twitter. I'm studying sport journalism, so I read everyday sports newspaper
    Damian Slutzky, Adults 5D

  18. Hello I'm Emiliano from adults 5D
    I use internet everyday to find some information. I usually check my email account too, and sometimes I read abuot the news.
    But I have no idea about things like Facebook or Twitter.

    Emiliano, Adults 5D

  19. Hello everybody! I'm Leonella from Adults 5D, well, I use Internet a lot. I check my e-mails and use Facebook every day. I love to speak with my family and my friends by Skype, but some friends don't have this program in their personal computer so We usually make videocalls in MSN. I thnik Internet is so nice, We can do many things. I use it for looking for informacion about the university and I also use it for looking up adresses and phone numbers, too.

  20. I use internet every day to communicate with my friends and family, check my mail, read the news, listen to music, also download photos, music and films. I think when you learn to use it, is a great tool.

    Syntia, Adults 5D

  21. Dear Nelba,
    Hi!How are you?I apologise for taking so long to write. I'm Santiago Spátola. I'm 25 years old.I was born in Los Toldos the 17th January in 1986.I've been living in La Plata since 2004 because I'm studying electronics engineering at the University of La Plata.I share a flat with my brother Nicolas, who is studying at the same faculty but he is doing a differnt course of studies.At the moment I'm doing my thesis about antennas at the IAR in La Plata.I expect to finish it in a month.
    We are four in my family, my parents live in Los Toldos.Both of them are medical doctor, my mother works in Los Toldos but my father works in Los Toldos and Junin.
    I've been studying english since 2007 with a private teacher and this year I decided to start at UNLP school language because I want to have a certificate. In my spare time i like playing football and going out with my friends.
    Best regards.
    Santiago Ad5C

  22. I used the Internet every day for chatting with my friends, cheking e-mails and I also look for pages that are about English and I practise some excercises in that.
    I think that the Internet is an important tool to comunnication with everybody.
    Mariana. A5C