Sunday, 23 October 2011

Jobs and Work Vocabulary

The topic in module 9 is "Jobs", so let's revise some vocabulary and useful expressions. 
Click HERE, read and study the material. Take notes if necessary because afterwards you are going to do some interactive activities to check how much you know/remember. 
Activity ONE: Comptetition!
Let's do an English Jobs Crossword. The first team which finishes the crossword is the WINNER! Click HERE to play.
Activity TWO:  About you
1) Put on the headphones or turn on the speakers, click HERE and read  and listen to the online material.  
2) Choose one of the topics (e.g. " My first job" ) and taking the paragraph as a model write about your own experience in a Word document. Use the spelling and grammar checker to improve your writing.
3) Finally, upload your writing in a comment to this post.
Activity THREE: another game
Did you use to play hangman when you where young? Let's have fun and test our English knowledge. Click HERE to play
Activity FOUR:  Time to read and think
This is a reading comprehension activity. Read the instructions carefully and test your understanding skills. Click HERE to start.


  1. The games of the section are very funny! But the link in the activity 2 doesn't work, so we couldn't do that activity.

    Vanesa and Jose - Adults 5C

  2. the activity one and four were very boring for us, but activity three was funny.
    The link of activity two doesn´t work.

    Romina and Anabella
    Adults 5C

  3. Dear students, I am happy to know you liked the activities. Thank you for telling me the link of Activity two did not worked. I have solved the problem :)