Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Education, media and communication by Prof. Florencia Pedeflous

Dear students: 

In the last few lessons you worked with the topic of Education. Apart from school, there  are other ways of making people learn, one of them is through the Media.  You are going to work with a video clip that will teach you something about communication.

Please, watch the video carefully then decide with your partner:
The video describes...
a) the different steps to use a new type of smart phone.
b) the effects of the use of phones on people
c) the effects of cell phone over use on people

Justify your answer.
Did you like this video? Why? Why not? 
Write your answers in "comments", please.


  1. I really liked the video, because it shows how we miss on interacting with people when we over use the cell phone. It's important not to abuse of the benefits that a cell phone can provide us with, we should use it only for necessary things.

    Augusto - AD 5 - C

  2. I`ve really enjoyed the video. It made an impression on me, especially the part where a father is with his little daugther. I think new technologies are great but we must set a limit so as not to over use them, especially when we are sharing time with our beloved. Otherwise, sometimes we waste time with these technologies instead of enjoying our spare time with family or friends .

    Sandra-AD 5 C

  3. I liked the video. I think that new communications technologies allow us to communicate with other people in ways never seen before, but sometimes we tend to over use them and forget the contact with the people around us. The posibility to contact anyone, anywhere, anytime sometimes leads us to hold very superficial exchanges, even seing the other person as a kind of facebook wall.

    Mauricio - AD5

  4. Moved me. Very creative and well done. Great idea, Flor!
    Betina M.