Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Dear students:

I am very :-)  for two reasons: First, you made fewer mistakes than in the first post. Congrats!!!! That means you are making an effort to improve your English. Second, most of you found the interactive activities interesting and helpful, so I will keep on offering you more in the blog.

Well, I'll make some comments on the mistakes you made:
  • some exercise is not right :-(  The correct version is some exercises
  • I lost the line of the game at the finish :-(  You should say at the end. 
  • I like very much the third exercise.(word order problem) You should say I like the third exercise very much
  • The first and the second points were differents  Remember that adjectives do not have plural forms 
  • i've liked the excercise number 4  You keep on forgetting the capital letter for the pronoun "I"
  • this activities :-(   these activities.
  • Mercedes and Héctor did not mention the courses they belong to. Remember to sign you comments properly!!!
Before leaving, I would like to thank Emiliano from Adults 5D for the links he gave us for further practice. (check comments in Module 5 post)

Finally, I would like to invite you to become "authors" in this blog. Gustavo and Fabia from Adults 5A have already accepted and have their own spaces in this blog to write about any topic they like.

If you want to become a blogger, let me know by sending me a mail to escuelaunlp@yahoo.com.ar with the subject: I want to become a blogger. 

Bye bye, next week there will be a new post!


  1. Hi Nelba,
    I didn´t sign this HW because I didn´t know wich was my course... Sorry, the next post I put it right, ok?
    Mercedes Oyuela mallo
    Adults 5

  2. I saw last week a film called Rompecabezas (Puzzles), a beautiful film, with great dialogues and a brilliant photography. The star of the film is María Onetto, a very good actress, whose performance makes the story really believable.
    Course A5C.

  3. I recomended ÀVATAR film for adults who like to find something else on a movie. It has an interesting plot.The idea is very sensible and real. Espectacular special effects. Fantastic actors. Maybe a weak point is at the begining because it is a little confused and fast.


  4. I like very much the grammar exercises, but I´d like also very much to read short stories on the blog, specially those wich are written by classical english authors. I think that the english literature is really great. I´d thank you very much if you post them on the blog!
    Name: Hector .
    Course: A5C.