Saturday, 8 May 2010

Module 6

Hello, students!

Welcome to this new post where we are going to begin revising and practising a grammar point:
 -ed/-ing adjectives.

As we did in the previous module, I want you to revise this topic in your book on page 148. Now you are going to check if you  really know which form is the most suitable in the following online exercise. Click HERE

You have also studied Extreme Adjectives Let´s read a blog post and do this fill in the gaps exercise.Click HERE 

I was surfing the net looking for listening activities about movie reviews and came across this interesting website:
You cannot complain! There is a varied list of videos (some of them are movie trailers!) with online activities (click on "Read more").

Oh, by the way Héctor from Adults 5A asked me for online classical short stories and here is the link! 

I hope you will enjoy these activities and online resources. 
See you next month,
Nelba  :-)

DEADLINE: May 31st


  1. Hi, Nelba
    It was amazing the video by the Italian student because it was wonderful to improve my audition perceptive. (I don’t know if the term is correct, tell me please!) I interested in these exercises with audio.
    Really, the rest of the HW were easy
    You’ve notice my answer… The paragraph was in the same way to revise -ed/-ing adjectives and extreme adjectives, haven’t you? jiji
    The link for online classical short stories is ok but I hate read stories on the net!
    See you…
    Adults 5A

  2. Nelba,
    It´s me again! I´ve found the listenings activities wonderful! I´ve tried to answer the " Slumdog millonaire" (I saw that picture and it is incredible! )"The perfect Day" and... that´s great!
    Adults 5 A

  3. Hi, Nelba
    I´ve done the exercises, and those about adjectives were useful but easy.
    The listening activities are very difficult to me,(and everybody thinks like me, such as the poll shows), and it would be wonderful if you can suggest us other listening activities to improve our oral understanding.
    Ana María De Simone
    5A Adults

  4. This is my first comment...I did the exercises and I found them too usefull. All of them will help us for the test.
    Adults 5A

  5. Hello Nelba,
    I did the homework "one line" once week ago and today I was listening the song called "Leaving on a Jet Plane" and the video about Paolo. I understood better the video, in the song I had some mistakes.
    Good news! I'm learning to use the virtual dictionary. It's great.
    About -ed/-ing adjetives and Extreme adjetives they were easy.
    I liked the "listening activities".
    Thanks for all

  6. Hi.. Nelba and everyone..I practiced on the blog several times. It´s very useful form me actually. I took some notes about different topics for example the conversation in the adjetive ending in "ing" and "ed" also, I looked for old post on the blog por example the BBC some dialogues into the "soup operas", It was a great listening activity for me. I would recommend on BBC "the flatmate" to who still have not seen or entered.
    Please If is possible for you I want to ask for some links or page about "letters ideas".
    5° "D"

  7. Hi,Nelba. I've done the excersises and i haven't had serious problems. I think the same of all, it's so hard to understandig some songs, but i remembered to not give up. If i practice a lot, i'll be able to understand the mayority of the lyrics.

    That's all

    See you soon


  8. Hi, Nelba!
    All excercises are great! useful "extreme adjetives" I recognize that I didn't know some of them. Hard: the listening. I tried with a couple of videos, from music to trailers. Very difficult!... but very useful too. I'll try along the year about this "weakness".

  9. Hi Nelba!!!
    I did the on line homework and I found interesting the listening activities. I listened a song ("A perfect day") and the movie trailed of "Caroline". I try sometimes do this when I listen a song in English or watch a movie, but only when I pay attention to this. It is the way to practice English every time. I learn more extreme adjetives with the first activity.
    Thanks for the new activities!!!

    Franco Boschero
    Adultos 5 B

  10. It was really rewarding to listen and watch the trailers and to understand almost everything …
    I think it was very interesting and useful this activity in particular.
    There is something I sometimes do when I rent a DVD: in the main menu I choose the languages in English and the subtitles too, It is a good way to learn new vocabulary and pronunciation, I would recommend it to my classmates.
    I think it is all for today, I see you…

    M. Jimena Reimundo – Adults 5 B

  11. Hi Nelba!
    I really enjoyed doing this exercises you'd given us, I made some mistakes but luckily all because of distractions.

    Thanks a lot, I'll wait for new ones.

    Mariano Gili - Adults 5D

  12. We´ve just listened to a song alled "When I´m 64" by the Beatles. Before I´m 64 I´ll probably have some children. When I´m 64 I might be about to retire. After I´m 64 I´ll travel through Asia and Europe.

  13. We're just listened to a song called "when I'm 64" by The Beatles.
    Before I'm 64 I will definitely be a researcher
    When I'm 64 I might be a grandmother
    After I'm 64 I probably won't have enough energy to play on the floor with my grandchildren
    Analia. A5C