Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Friendship Day

Dear students,

Here are some activities to practise your English

1) We celebrate friendship day on July 20th. Why? Explore the web, read and write in comments in about 50 words about this worldwide celebration. Include some personal words of yours. 
Some suggested websites may be

2) Can you do this puzzle? 
Make Your Own Word Search


  1. Hi, Nelba.
    I´ve been reading about the friendship day in different countries, and there are a lot of stories.
    The U.S.A. celebrate it on August, and the friendship day was proclaimed by the Congress in 1935.
    Here, in Argentina, we celebrate it on 20July,which is the day when the first man walked in the moon in 1969.
    I think that every day is the friendship day, and real friends are those who are always present, especially in difficult times, despite they forget to phone you on 20 July.
    Ana María

  2. Dear Adults 5 Class UNLP,
    Congratulations on the great work you are doing to learn English! Congratulations also to your devoted and tech-savvy teacher, Nelba!
    Well done!

  3. I have already read about the frienship day. I think that day is important to tell your friens how much you love them but also is important to do it every day because a friend is the person who is to your side always and advise you in every thing you do, the best friends are a few and oneself have to care them and don´t let them go

  4. Hello Nelba,
    Excuse me for don´t write before.
    I was look for information about friend's day.
    I could know that in USA, India, Bangladesh and Malaysia the first Sunday of August is "the Internatinal Friendship Day" and the spread and origin of this holidays are not yet well documented. Also I can say that in 1998 Winnie the Pooh was presented as the World's Ambassador of Friendship at the United Nations.
    In Argentina, Brasil and Uruguay the Friend's Day is July 20 because this day was the first moon landing.
    This year the first Sunday of August was 1º and in Argentina it is "The Earth Mother´s Day" or "Pachamama" in quichua.
    Well, that's all.

  5. Hi Nelba and classmates,
    I'm really impressed by your work. I read all the reviews and they are great!!! I think your writing is very clear, you used a lot of vocabulary and the text was wery well organized. I saw two of these films, but it's a good explanation for those who haven't seen them yet. I prefer true stories, so I liked Invictus very much, and I'm interested in the German film.

    Franco Boschero
    Adults 5B

  6. Comment about Review by Regina and Flavia's:
    I have seen the film "500 days of Summer" and read the review puplished by Flavia and Regina. I think this is an excellent review about the film. I want to say that this film has a very good sountrack, too.
    P.S.: I know that the activities are nice and usefull.
    Adults 5B.

  7. Hi Nelba,
    I think that all the reviews are great! I can see they have worked really hard. The information about the films is very good.
    I didn´t see any spelling mistakes and the texts are very well organized in separated paragraphs and they respect the structure of these kind of reviews. After reading them, I`d like to watch the films that I haven´t because they seem to be great! Good work!
    Regards, Sebastian, 5 B.

  8. Hello, Fabia and Regina: Your review is great but you should add more pictures of the movie, and the review should be longer, but you have an excellent vocabulary. Tomás Solari of adults 5b

  9. I think that the friendship-day is a commercial ocassion for the selling of gifts and for the restaurants to make profits. It could be dangerous such an initiative because the person who are already lonely could feel even more lonely and fall into depression and sad feelings. But for some people is a day when they can meet friends who they haven´t see since a long time ago, and that´s a positive thing to celebrate!
    Adults C5

  10. Hi Nelba,

    I was making some research about friendship´s day and found some interesting things.

    One of them is that despite it has became an international celebration it celebrates in diferent days around the world. In USA it´s celebrated on the first Sunday of August. In South Asia it´s celebrated on June 8th and here in Argentina on July 20th.

    There are diferent reasons in each place to celebrate the friendship´s day. For example, in Argentina on July 20th it commemorates the day the men arrived to the Moon and it was called the friendship´s day because that day the whole people around the world was friend of those astronauts.

    Finally, instead of writting some words about friendship I want to paste some quotes of well known writers:

    'Anybody can sympathise with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathise with a friend's success.' -Oscar Wilde

    'Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival.' -C.S. Lewis

    Well that´s all. Good bye!

  11. Hey there!

    I have read the article related to the friendship day, and I can say that before doing it I wasn´t sure whether this was a worldwide celebration or not. In addition after a little research I've found out that our country, Brasil and Uruguay celebrate this day every August 20th, as commemoration of man's landing to the moon.

    Pablo Rimancus, adults 5C

    I´m going to give my impression

  12. Hi, Nelba

    Well, what a pity! I did the activities and published my comments just the day it was supposed to be the last one allowed to publish (the only commentaries were from “Ana” and “Analía” ).

    Answering to Tomás, about the review (500) Days of Summer , Regina and me were told of writing maximum 250 words. We used 289 words only in the text ! It had pictures when we showed it to our teacher …, but then I decided – not Regina, I apologized!-, cut them in order to accelerate the computer for the corrections (see 30th July ‘s comment on this blog ) - at that time we didn`t knew it would appear in the blog … and after it was published, as there weren't any comments, I didn't feel free to do it ... but now I’ll fix it :-)
    Fabia, 5 A

  13. Hi!
    I've reading about the friendship day in different countries; but the most important thing in my opinion is that it was first mentioned in the Bible. I've never noted before that there was a frienship between Jesus and the apostols.
    I think that friends day is everyday; unfortunately we live in a fast way, so we haven't got enough time to share with our friends.
    Analia. Adults 5C

  14. Hi Nelba, I just finished to read the article of " Friendship Day history", and well, I think that's a lie. Me and all my friends we got a great friendship and we don't need an special day to celebrate. Every weekeand, we got togheter, and we go to different events. In many cases, we often go to hardcore punk concerts or we play skateboarding, soccer or basquetball!.

    "we are friends forever and not for 1 day"


    Marder Gustavo
    Adults 5A