Friday, 15 April 2011

About Writing and Chat with an Online Robot


As blog master and ICT manager, I spend most of my time surfing the net and social networking. While I was checking Twitter, I came across this interesting article published in the Guardian newspaper about writing.


The author is Neil Gaiman who has become very popular and  is often considered the “rock star” of the literary world. He offers 8 Good Writing Practices or tips to optimize your writing.


  1. Click on the link above, read the article and write in comments what information you have found useful and which of these tips you are going to put into practice to improve your writing in English. Deadline: May 20th
  2. Do you want to chat ? If you click on this link, you will have the opportunity to chat with an online robot. You must be clever to make the dialogue fluent !

  Have fun! 


  1. I think that Gaiman's tips are very interesting are useful, especialy when Gaiman says:"Put it aside". When I write a text, specially in spanish, I leave the writing for a while and then, when I return to this, I find it different, sometimes worse, sometimes better. In this way, I can test other words or sentences to improve my text. Susana Souilla. Adults 5 A.

  2. I think they are good comments, specially the last one, which says that with enough assurance and confidence, you can write whatever you want. It's a good advice too to show what you have written to others.
    I will put the tips in practice.
    Vanesa Sanz - ADULTS 5C

  3. In my opinion the rule number four is useful. It's a good thing show the writing to another person and accept his opinion. For the oral presentation I going to practice this rule.
    Anabella 5C

  4. I think this seven tips are very good to optimize our writting. I think the most important is the advice number 3, because our friends can give some advice and corrrect the phrases that are wrong.
    Romina 5C

  5. I think the rule number 8 is the best. It is an important rule for me and I will try to use it in learning english. The advice is useful too for the life and other things you want to do but you think can´t to do. Florencia 5D

  6. Hi, I´m Adriana Caruso, teacher of Ad5. Being a writer of fiction myself I think the first 3 rules are very important. Sometimes it´s difficult to write when you think you don´t have enough inspiration. One thing I am sure of: the most imortant thing is to try. Write , write and write, at least one sentence a day.

  7. Hi I'm Damián from Ad5D
    For me the rule number eight is the best, because when you writes honestly with enough assurance and confidence you can write a very good text. almost this is what I do everytime that I have to write

  8. I really like the last advice. I think that everyone has to have assurance and confidence to live, and of course, do excellent writtings!
    Mariana. 5C

  9. The eights steps to write a compose is very interesting. I'm a musician and it help me alot when i'm writing the lyric. I really enjoy this kind of texts.

  10. Hello! I am Leonella from Adults 5 D. I think the article is not too useful. It could bring you more ideas, these 8 are not enoght to me.

  11. I think the last rule is useful for everyone who thinks it's really difficult to write. I agree with him that maybe you can use it in your own life to gain confidence. I will try to relax a little more and do the best I can when I write my next composition.

  12. I don't agree with the article in many points. First, I think in writing more like sculpture where you have lots of words -like raw rock- and you have to throw away lots of them to get what you are looking for -the statue. Also, I definitely disagree with the idea that you need to impose yourself to finish what you are writing; it is very common in people who do commercial literature. I prefer writers who pursue the excellence on those who do lots of mediocre books. I would change the point seven by "question at your own work".
    Adults 5D.