Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Module 5 Total English

Hello, everybody:

It is a cloudy afternoon and here I am in front of the screen, surfing the net, looking for activities to offer you.

I love reading because when I read my imagination flies  entering a virtual world. You have read three stories so far, haven´t you? You are supposed to read "Telling Stories" by Maeve Binchy.

I have never heard of her before :(  Here is a link to her home page where you can read about this author (LINK).

Activity ONE: surf the Mave's website and answer  in comments: Is she confident with technology. How can you contact her? 


Tired of reading? Do you want to practise listening? 
Here are Maeve's Audio books

Activity TWO : Write in comments which audio book you  chose, give a reason and tell us if you found it easy or difficult to understand.

Optional Activity:let's create a community-powered encyclopedia for our friends, classmates and book lovers. Which online tool shall we use? 

How? it is very simple : Go to  and take a tour. Then get registered and upload the books you have read, are reading and/or are planning to read. If you open an account in Shelfari, let me know and I will add you to my contact list and we will share books.

My Shelfari looks like this:

Revise your knowledge about Present Perfect Continuous by clicking on this website 

Activity FOUR: Now let's do an intereactive activity: Match the two parts of the sentences and then click on the "check" icon to get feedback . Click HERE to start.

DEADLINE for the activities in this post: June 20th

Reminder: There is a new page "Feedback" where you can read my comments to your writings and some recommended material to read and study.

That's all for now. See you soon.
Nelba :)


  1. Activity 1
    she isnt confident with tecnology. So if you want to communicate with her you have to send her and traditional mail.


  2. activity one
    she isn;t confident with the internet, she prefer the letters to contact her.
    andrea perez
    adults 5c

  3. Activty one: I surfed in Maeve's website and I found that she isn't confident with technology, we can only get in contact with her by mail.
    Anabella Adults 5C

  4. Activity one Mave's website: we can only get in contac with Maeve only for through letters at PO Box 6737, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, Ireland.

  5. Well in fact she isn't confident with technology. But anyway we can contact her sending a traditional letter to a PO Box.
    Emiliano Adults 5D

  6. Activity one: she is not confident with technology, if we want to write to her we can send letters at PO Box 6737, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, Ireland.
    Adults 5 A

  7. She isn't so confident with tecnology, if you read the blog she said so, and because of that she gives you the adress in Dubliun to send her a postcard.

    Tomás 5D

  8. Sorry Nelba but i couldn't do activity 4 because it didn't appear anithing to do in the website.

    Tomás 5D

  9. I couldn't do or understand the activity four. Wich two parts? wich sentences? may be the link is broken?
    Emiliano 5 D

  10. The activity two makes you buy the book and you can't listen to anything.

    Tomas 5D

  11. You are right, Emiliano. The link in Activity four is not there :( thanks for telling me