Friday, 10 June 2011

Visual Dictionary

Sashi is a visual dictionary. It not only gives you different definitions of a word , but also pictures illustrating them. I picked the following pictures from it . 

Activity: Revise the vocabulary you learned in section 6.3 in Total English and write in comments the words that discribe the pictures:


  1. one, montain; two,rocky coastline; three,desert;four, rain forest.

  2. The words that describe the pictures are: tropical rainforest, mountain range, rocky coastline (I think, I can't see the picture), barren desert and, probably, the picture with the flower is a green valley.
    Vanesa Sanz - Adults 5C

  3. In the pictures I saw a tropical rainforest,a mountain range,a big rock and a desert.
    Anabella Adults 5C

  4. I saw rainforest in the first picture, in the secound I saw a mountain range,the third picture I saw a big rock, the next picture is a desert and the last one is a tropical.
    Romina 5C

  5. tropical rainforest
    snowy mountains
    mountain range
    big desert
    a beautiful flower
    they are very beautiful !!!!!!
    andrea perez, adults 5 c

  6. I can see a tropical rainforest at de first picture. In the second picture, I see mountain range, then I see a desert and the last is a very nice flower. Florencia 5D

  7. In the first picture: tropical rainforest.
    Second picture: mountain range.
    Third picture: rocky coastline
    Fourth picture: desert island
    Last one: a beautiful flower that we can found it in a tropical rainforest.
    If I have to choose a place to go on holidays, I will go to a tropical rainforest in Misiones because I have never seen that landscape. It will be interesting =)
    Mariana J. ADULT 5D

  8. The first picture shows an awesome landscape of a tropical rainforest. The second one shows in the background a rocky mountain and in the foreground a beautiful flower that I think is a daisy. In the next photograph we can see in the background water, which I think is a lake. And in the foreground we can see vulcanic stones. The fourth picture shows people in the desert and their footprints. And in the last one we can see a pink and yellow flower.
    Leonella 5 C

  9. A stream passing through the green rainforest.
    A snowy mountain in the background and a daisy in the foreground.
    A lake in a mountain range.
    The small human in the infinite sandy desert.
    A bright flower.
    Jorge, Adultos 5C

  10. The first picture shows a tropical rainsforest landscape, the second a mountain range, the third a rocky coastline in a foggy day, the fourth a couple walking in a big desert and in the last one there is an amazing flower. I think that all the pictures have a special beauty and I would like to be in any of them.

  11. In the first picture is a tropical rainforest. The second one are a snowy mountain peaks with a beautiful daisy at the foreground. The third photo show us an island covered with lava. In the photo number four are two guys enjoying the amazing desert. The last picture have a beautiful white and pink flower.
    Damian Adults 5D