Monday, 8 August 2011

Weird, or just different?

TED stands for technology, entertainment and design. It brings together the most fascinating thinkers and doers who are challenged to give a talk in only 18 minutes o less.

In this opportunity, I have chosen the following video

Task 1 (easy): Watch it

Task 2 (a little demanding): discuss about the topic presented in the video with your partner and take notes about your ideas. Then write a short paragraph about the topic and your opinion. You can read the comments left by other viewers to pick up ideas and/or vocabulary.

Task 3 (more demanding but not imossible):
Let’s test your reading skills! Pay attention to the website and find out the answers to the following questions and write them in comments:
- What is the speaker’s name? Why do you think he is so special to be invited to TED?

- Can you get the script of the video? How?

- How can you share this video with your cyber friends? Can you publish it in any social network? Which one/s?

-Who can add comments?

-What does the speaker says about Chinese doctors?

Task 4 (take your time) : Look for another video to recommend and share with your partners :)


  1. Task 2
    we think that the video is very interesting, and it left as thinking another view of see the world.
    Romina, Andrea y Anabella 5C

  2. The speaker name is Derek Sivers. He talks about conventions, things that everybody think that
    You can share the video clicking on the button share on the video and pubish it in facebook for example.
    The spealker said that there are doctors in China who thinck that their obligation is keep the people healthy, and people only paid them if there are in that condition.
    Vanesa Y Jose - Adults 5 C

  3. task 4 this a good video see it!
    Andrea, romina and Anabella 5C

  4. Task 2
    It's a very interesting video, that shows us that each country have different cultures and forms to organized
    Damián Adults 5D

  5. I think that countries have different cultures that we have to respect to can understand them. The video is interesting because we can see in it an example of what happen when you dont know about the life in other countries. Mariana 5D

  6. I think that the way of use things is diferent on every culture,even the words that we use have a diferent meaning, no matter if it is the same word in another language.And that show us how diferent we are from each other.

  7. I think that the idea is very interesting. He talks about different cultures, and there is not a truth about how a country works. We have to understand and respect those differents ways of living. Personally, I think that looking for an specific house is very difficult in Japan!

    Laura-Adults 5D

  8. Hi Nelba i'm Tomás from adults 5D.
    I'm writing you becuse i don't know how to get the
    script of TED and it is a task of the blog.

  9. - Derek Sivers
    because he's too smart

    - Clicking on the botton that say Share
    Yes, I can do it in any social network that you want, sharing the url of the video
    everybody that want it (depends on what social network you share it)

    - He said that they believe there job that keep you healthy, so any month you were healthy you pay them, and if you are sick, you haven't to pay them

    Damián Adults 5D

  10. TASK 4
    this is the web page of the man who talk on the video

    Damián Adults 5D

  11. We want to recomend you this video. It shows how to made marbles.
    Vanesa y Jose - Adults 5 C