Monday, 18 July 2011

Do you like movies? (listening comprehension)

Dear all:

In this post, I would like to show you a very interesting website where you can watch new movies and do listening comprehension activities (fill in activity). 

The website is called "Learn English Through Movies"
Click HERE to see what it  is about.

Task 1: Choose one movie and do the corresponding  fill in the blanks activity .

Task 2: Write in comments the reason for your choice.

Happy winter holidays!


  1. I chose Toy Story 3 because I like movies for children. I saw this movie and I liked it very much: it is a nice story about a boy who leaves his childhood and has to start the way to adolescence.

    Silvina Adults 5 A

  2. I chose “Source code” because yesterday I talked about it with a friend who had seen it before, and he told me it was a good movie to see. Esteban Adult 5A

  3. We chose the movie Unknown because we like the suspense movies and it was the last movie we saw on DVD.
    José y Vanesa from Adults 5C

  4. Task 2
    We chose Toy Story 3″ Bonus Feature “Day & Night” because we were boring so we needed laught a minute for relax
    Andrea, Romina and Anabella 5C

  5. I chose "Emma Watson on life after Harry Potter" because I like Harry Potter films. It was interesting knew about Emma Watson´s proyects. Mariana 5D

  6. We chose Green lantern because we saw it on tv and it looks funny. The trailer seems to be interesting so we recommend it to see at the cinema.
    Anabella and Syntia. Adult 5C