Saturday, 19 June 2010

Feedback to comments on previous post

Dear students:

I am very pleased beacuse you liked  the listening activities I posted. Your comments were quite long and very good! Here is  my feedback on some common mistakes.

  • in or at the beginning/the end?
at the beginning means the first part; e.g.: The front matter is at the beginning of the book. The place where something begins or is begun: at the beginning of the road.

in the beginning - with reference to the origin or beginning
primitively, originally

in the end -means finally, at the end of the day.  e.g: Despite all the problems of putting on the play, it was a grand success, and that was all that mattered in the end

At ended, I have remembered a lot of things which made me feel good.
  • It was “Hole in my soul” by Aerosmith and that was hard difficulty (mmm.... This is not a very clear sentence, I am afraid )
  • I don´t know how can I say en English (word order: I can say)
Well, that is all for now. 

Oh, before finishing this post, I would like to give you one more listening activity, but this one is about a song for South Africa Football World Cup,  " Wavin' Flag " by K'nann. If you pay attention, you'll find more interactive activities at the end of the song. Click HERE

Best, Nelba


    1. Hi, Nelba!
      After having practiced a lot with "lyrics training", the world cup song was very easy to me.
      I can´t believe I hadn´t made any mistake!
      The reading and comprehension activities were easy, but generally I have no problems in this subject. My problem are the listening activities, but I notice that I´m improving a lot with "lyrics training" Thank you.
      Ana De Simone
      Adults 5 A

    2. We have just listened to a song called "without you" by a group called "Blue".
      I think it is a funny song but if you analyses their lyric you find a descripcion about love of a woman. When they mentioned at first material things is like an ironic way.
      "Spending most my nights, lost inside your eyes,
      Wondering how can I ever live without you
      Live without you beside my side."

    3. We had just listen to a song called "Without You" by a grop called "Blue". I´m going to give my opinion about the meaning of what they are singing:

      It´s more than clear than this is a humorous song, because these guys are comparing objects (cellphones, credit cards, and even vehicles)with someone they love. But trying to go deeper, I would say they change their minds as the song goes on: reflecting how they feel after knowing and feeling what love really is.

      Pablo Rimancus A5C

    4. We have just listened to a song called "Without you" by a group called "Blue". In my opinion it's a song for teenagers; because some young people usually think that when they love someone they need to be with he/she as soon as possible or they'll die. So in that song the idea is to "have" that person, as you have material things. I don't agree with this.

    5. Hello Nelba,
      I'm happy because Uruguay have just won. Although I'm argentinian I'm happy for them. Well, respect the activities of World cup I could do everything included the "world cup song". I like the lyrics very much and I hope that people of the world listen to it paying attention.
      I like football so I enjoyed doing these excersises. The video is fine and some footballplayers are interesting.
      I hope tomorrow Argentina wins and that our flag could be a "waving flag".
      Thanks again
      Regina A5

    6. Hello Faba and Regina, the review is great but you should add more pictures of the movie, and it should be longer , but the reading it's great and you have an exelent vocabulary.Thank you for reading my comment, i'm Tomás Solari of adults 5b

    7. Hi Nelba, sorry for taking so long to answer the activities.
      The Worldcup has finished and i'm very worried beacuse Argentina it could be the finalist of that competition. We losed for 4 goals down, when we had been one of the most important national team to win the Cup.
      At least, "Las leonas" won the Champion Trophy. It's a proud to our country to see this!


      Gustavo Marder
      Adults 5 A