Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dialogues that could have been included in the story: "A unicorn in the garden"

Dialogues that could have been included in the story. Our versions, once more…

A. (Dialogue between Husband & Wife in front of the policeman and the doctor)

Husband: A unicorn is a mythical beast.

Wife: I'm not crazy! you're the crazy one!!  I was sleeping when you woke me  
             up and told me that crazy story!!

Husband: Honey, I haven't been in the bedroom since early this morning. 
                     Maybe you dreamed about it.

Wife: What are you saying!? You woke me up twice today!! You said that 
       the unicorn had eaten a flower!!

Husband: Darling, that's impossible! Did you take your pills last night?

Wife: What pills? I don't take pills any more. You are the one who
            takes pills!

Husband: oh, that's why; you have forgotten to take the pills...

(The doctor and the policeman take the woman inside the ambulance and put her a straitjacket. She shouts. He smiles)           (by Jerónimo & Ezequiel)

Another one...

B. Wife: Doctor, I think my husband is crazy because this morning he told me that he had seen a little unicorn in the garden and I´m really worried about that.

Doctor: Has this ever happened before?

Wife: No, never, it´s the first time.

Policeman: I suppose that something strange is happening here, I think the doctor needs to talk with your husband.

Wife: Honey, can you come here please? There are some friends here who want
to ask you some questions.

Husband: What´s going on? Who are these people?
Doctor: Your wife told us that you had see an unicorn this morning, is it that

Policeman: Did you take any drugs or alcohol this morning?

Husband: Of course not, I´m a healthy person, maybe you have to ask to my wife. Every morning she adds some vodka to her the coffee.

Wife: Of course not, he is lying; tell the doctor what you told me before.

Policeman: I can smell your breath, you have to come with me to the police
Doctor: We need to run some psychiatrist tests.      (Lilian, Alfredo & Julián)

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