Sunday, 7 October 2012

Writing based on the lyrics of Peter Gabriel’s song

                     We also did some writing based on the lyrics of Peter Gabriel’s song 

                 Mary's boyfriend left her on a Friday night and her friend told
                 her: "don't give up! you have friends, we can go out
                 without boyfriends". She answered: "but I love him so
                 much and I lost him forever!!!". (Leila M - Manuela R).
                 Her friend said: "but you still have us, there's a party
                 tonight at John's house, let's go!
                Everything is going to be alright!"   (Leila Mongi - Manuela Rivero).

Friend 1:- Hey, you look sad. What's happened to you?     
Friend 2:- I'm very sad because my granfather died yersterday night.                          
Friend 1:- Ohh! So terrible, don't worry, you still have us!    
Friend 2:- Thanks for staying with me!
(Camila Otegui, Julia Consolo, Victoria Eguren, Ailen Salvarreyes)

Son:- Dad! I got bad marks in the maths exam
 Dad:- I'm disappointed of you, I know you can make it good.
 Son:- Well, I'm not the only one.
 Dad:- I know you're not the only one, and I don't care about your friend!! You must study for the exams.
 Son:- OK Dad, you're right. For my next exam I'm going to study hard!
 (Camila, Julia, Victoria, Ailen)

Peter: I never thought I could fail, but I lost the ball.
Paul: Don’t worry, we know you can make it good. The next match you can try to play again and it’s going to be alright. Don’t give up.
Peter: But in the next match my team won’t want me there.
Paul: Don’t worry, you still have us, we’re proud of who you are and your team too.
(Agustina Arcumano,  Lucía Russo Herrera)

SON: Mum, I have failed three subjects, I want to leave school.
-MUM: Don´t worry, don´t give up. You are not the only one.

-SON: I´m stupid.
-MUM: No, son, your father and I are proud of who you are.
 by Simón Hnatiuk, Chiara Basso y Natalia Rodriguez

                          Jorge broke up with his girlfriend. he was crying and
                          his friends want to talk about what´s happened to him.

                          -JORGE: Life sucks
                          -FRIEND: Everything is going to be alright

                            (Simón, Chiara y Natalia)


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