Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dialogues we created with prompts from the videoclip

We connected the topic to different materials. Among them, we worked with Everybody Hurts by R.E.M

These are some of the dialogues we created with promps from the videoclip (marked here in bold type).  

1) At the cinema:
-She: Look at that girl, she´s using her mobile phone and we’re in the middle of the film. Maybe she doesn´t know that silence is golden.
-He: What do you want me to do? There´s nothing I can do.
-She: You have to do something!
-He: If I had a gun, I would kill that girl.
-She: Oh no, you´re crazy! I was thinking of throwing something, nobody can see you. What can I throw?
-He: I have no idea.
-She: I´ll throw her some popcorn.
(The girl throws the popcorn and it hits the woman´s head. The woman stands up and looks at the couple, she gets angry and shouts: “I´ll talk when I want to, I´m going to complain with the manager”. Finally, she’s gone.   (by Julián and Alfredo)

2) There's nothing I can do, I need to make some changes in my life but I'm feeling depressed. All my friends have given me advice but I have no idea, How am I gonna do this?
She's gone and nobody can bring her back. At this moment, I think that silence is golden, I don't want to talk with anyone, even my friends.

If I had a gun I would kill her and her new boyfriend when nobody can see me…  (by Matías & Sergio)

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